• Travelling is amazing. For me it was a complete whirlwind covering 13 countries in 8 months. I wanted to do everything and not waste a single second. But here is the lesson I learnt the hard way, and how knowing when to stop is an absolute must!

    Knowing that it’s ok to stop

    If you’ve read about my travel route around the World, you will know that it was jam-packed. In 8 months I travelled to 13 different countries, more locations that I can begin to count and saw things I never even…

  • My travel route around the World

    My 8 month travel route around the world

    When I think back to the time I went on my round the world trip, I have a bunch of thoughts cross my mind. It’s a combination of not believing it was that long ago already (2013!), disbelief that I…

  • Planning a road trip? Here are my tips to have an absolutely amazing time!

    My ultimate tips for having the most amazing road trip

    I love a good road trip. The freedom, the adventure, the not knowing what you might stumble across. It’s just perfect! You can go where you want, whenever you want. I’m still determined to own a campervan one day because…