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I’m gonna throw it out there; I don’t believe that there is a single person who doesn’t have somewhere that they want to go to. That somewhere that they spend hours daydreaming about, researching, planning but feel they just can’t do it. Well, you’re in the right place as…

I’m here to show you that you can travel!

The mission of Escapes Etc is simple – to provide relatable, down to earth, handy guides to help you plan your trips and travels. It’s a place for the perfect medium of affordability through finding value. When I travel, I don’t have a tonne of money but I don’t travel on absolutely nothing. Escapes Etc is a bargain-hunting, comfort-keeping information filled zone to inspire you to adventure out across the world.

My budget friendly Aussie adventures so far

Australia is my current base and has captured my heart as much as it did when I was travelling around the world a few years ago. Check out some of my guides here:

35 budget-friendly and free things to do in Brisbane

6 unbelievably stunning spots on South Australia’s Limestone Coast

How to and how not to buy a car in Australia

And some budget guides from the rest of the world…

From waterfalls in the Philippines, Northern Lights in Iceland and amazing architecture in Prague, I have been lucky enough to visit over 20 countries and I don’t intend to stop. Here are some of my budget guides for my favourite destinations:

14 Things you have to know before you go to Cambodia

The ultimate guide to visiting Samoa

What to see, eat, drink and do in Liverpool

Why you should visit Santiago, Chile and how to see it on a budget

This is how to spend 3 days in Dubai on a budget

Be sure to explore Escapes Etc to find tonnes more inspiration and adventures!

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  • Michelle Reed

    Thank you for posting this info on the Honda CR-V! I bought a “cream puff” this past month. 2001 with all the perks, super clean with only 67,000 miles! It was a touring car for RV overlanders. It is my first upgrade from learning about solo car camping, Toyota Corolla. My next purchase will be a van! A former co-worker who is a cabinetmaker is going to build it out for me this weekend! 🙂

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