Planning a trip to Bali but not sure where to start? Here's my 3 week itinerary for Bali, perfect for first timers.

How to spend 3 weeks in Bali- The (almost) perfect 3 week Bali itinerary

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Planning a trip to Bali but not sure where to start? Here's my 3 week itinerary for Bali, perfect for first timers. #baliguide #3weeksinbali #baliitinerary #nusaislandsI think it’s fair to say that Bali is the top destination on a lot of people’s wish lists. With its beautiful beaches, wonderful people, delicious food and rich culture, it’s easy to see why. After finishing our first year in Australia, it was time for a change of pace. Tom and I booked the cheapest flight to Denpasar and started planning the best 3 weeks in Bali with the hope of fitting in a bit of everything.

You might be wondering why I’ve called this the ‘almost perfect’ 3 weeks in Bali itinerary, and that’s because we were unable to get over to the famous Gilli Islands due to the swells of the sea meaning the boats weren’t running there. Sometimes things are out of your control when you travel and nature is certainly one of them. However, Bali and the Nusa Islands offer plenty to keep you busy!

So I’ve put together this super detailed, easy to follow Bali trip planner to help you have the most incredible 3 weeks in Bali (which you 100% will btw…because it’s BALI)!

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Your Bali route in a nutshell

**If you’re looking to amend this because get over to the Gilli islands, I recommend altering this Bali itinerary so you spend 3 days in Ubud, no nights in Sanur and one night in Nusa Dua. This will give you 3 days on the Gilli Islands.


Planning a trip to Bali but not sure where to start? Here's my 3 week itinerary for Bali, perfect for first timers.
Through the trees

What to pack for Bali

Bali is generally hot and humid but also a fairly conservative country. You’re possibly going to spending time in a variety of places such as the beach, visiting temples and maybe even climbing mountains. So you’re going to want a range of light clothes but also options that allow you to cover up when required. I was backpacking in Bali so I was using (surprise, surprise) my backpack, but you could definitely get away with a wheelie suitcase if you prefer.

  • Summer dresses: Bali definitely calls for some nice summer dresses. They’re a great way to keep cool and also take up little space in your suitcase or backpack. Bali is a pretty casual place when it comes to nightlife as well so a dress can easily double up as evening outfits as well.
  • Swimwear: There are so many awesome beaches to visit in Bali so be sure to bring your swimmers. whether you want to snorkel, learn to surf or just chill out on the beach, you’re going to want to spend some time exploring them. Both ASOS and H&M have a great range of one-piece swimmers and bikinis to choose from.
  • Beach cover-up: With my pale pasty skin, I wouldn’t dream about going to the beach without a nice cover-up. I look for one that protects my shoulders more than anything as these burn easily. Unlike lots of stores, I’ve found Boohoo to have a really good selection of cover-ups from the more glam ones to the kind of ones you just chuck on and chill out in.
  • Microfibre Beach towel: A microfibre towel is one of the handiest things you can take travelling. They are quick drying, really lightweight and fold up super small making them easy to back in luggage and in day bags. There are even plenty of ones available with nice patterns to choose from, because who doesn’t want a pretty beach towel, right?
  • Light scarf: Having a thin scarf on you when you’re out and about exploring has so many uses. It’s a great way to cover up from the sun, cover your legs or shoulders when visiting temples or even as a beach cover-up.
  • Long skirt or trousers: Bali has some of the most amazing temples to explore and it’s important to be dressed appropriately. Women are expected to have their legs and shoulders covered so it’s well worth bringing a long floaty skirt or linen trousers with you so you don’t miss out.
  • Shorts: Whilst Bali is a fairly conservative country, a couple of pairs of shorts is super handy for Bali and you’re not going to be frowned upon by the locals for wearing them (as long as you’re not going into temples anyway). I would bring 1 denim pair and one cotton pair for a bit of variety.
  • T-shirts: I was once a singlet girl but have actually found that by wearing t-shirts I stay a bit cooler in hot climates. H&M has a great range of affordable cotton t-shirts which you can use to mix and match with your skirts/trousers/shorts whilst also keeping cool.
  • Outdoor wear: If you’re thinking of doing some walking or hikes, be sure to bring some outdoor wear with you. When I did the Mt Batur sunrise trek I wore my gym leggings and top with a hoodie (it’s cold that time of morning!) and trainers. If you have walking shoes I would recommend bringing them though.
  • Footwear: Because Bali is a pretty casual destination you can pretty much get away with flip-flops or sandals everywhere you go. I love Havaianas as I find them to actually have some grip rather than the cheap ones I bought for many years before.
  • Foldable waterproof jacket: As with lost of places in Asia, when it rains, it rains. As uncool as it may seem, a foldable waterproof jacket has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion and as they are small and light to carry, you’ll be glad you packed one.  Something like this jacket that folds up small is perfect.
  • Camera: Bali is beyond beautiful so you’re going to love it if you’re an aspiring photographer. When I backpacked before I took a crappy camera and looking back at my pictures now I’m gutted how rubbish the quality is. Nowadays, I use my Sony a6000 and I love it! If you’re wondering what it’s like, all my photos on this post and all my Bali posts (apart from the drone shots) are taken on it. I love it! If you are considering buying a drone, be sure to check out my post on how to choose the best one for you here.

How to get to Bali

Bali’s international airport is called Ngurah Rai and is in Denpasar, one of the main cities on the island. From here you have a number of options to get yourself to your accommodation. It can be a little overwhelming when you start to leave the airport as there will be lots of taxi drivers trying to get your business. If this is something you don’t want to have to negotiate with then the best idea would be to arrange a transfer through your accommodation so they can pick you up straight away.

If you don’t find this type of situation too tricky then you can either go to the taxi booking office in the airport and they can help you, or speak to the taxi drivers and practice your haggling skills to get a good price to your hotel.

Traveling around Bali and useful apps for your phone

Bali is a wonderfully busy place but with limited public transport, the easiest way is to travel between the main areas by taxi. It’s comfortable, convenient and it’s hassle-free when you have luggage to deal with. There are local taxis on Bali but it also has its version of Uber offering cheaper prices that you book through the relevant apps. These companies are called Grab, Go Jek and Bluebird. Grab and Go Jek have a fixed price that’s set when you book, although this varies depending on the demand at the time, and Bluebird works on a meter system but gives you an estimated cost when you book.

Tom and I found Go Jek and Grab to work out cheaper over Bluebird as the traffic can be crazy busy in Bali and we saw the meter creep up above the top estimate a few times. Overall though, taxis are super affordable and if you can get a few people together to fill the car and split the costs then even better! If you’re only going a short distance then Grab and Go Jek also have a motorbike taxi option which is a fun and fast way to get from A to B.

It’s important to note that these companies are not allowed in all areas as the local taxi drivers are not happy about them taking their business. The apps have a messaging facility and there were a few occasions where we were asked to meet the driver along the next road so he didn’t get in trouble. It’s up to you which companies you decide to use whilst in Bali but I wanted to share what I found to be the most budget-friendly.

Things to know before you go to Bali

  • The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. I would recommend downloading the ‘XE’ currency app on your phone to help you get familiar with the money and help you keep track of what you’re spending.
  • You can’t drink the tap water there so be sure to always have bottled water to hand.
  • It gets really hot and humid here so it’s important to keep hydrated and it’s a good idea to pack lightweight and breathable clothes.
  • There are loads of dogs in Bali and they are free to roam around. Don’t worry too much though, most are either super friendly or will just completely ignore you.
  • Suncream is really expensive in Bali so be sure to bring plenty with you as well as a mosquito repellent for daytime and evening.
  • Bali is a great place for shopping and rummaging through markets where you can practice your haggling skills.
  • If you want to visit any of the temples in Bali, both men and women are required to dress in Balinese clothing. Many of the temples have sarongs that you can use but some of them don’t, so it’s a good idea to pack one and have it with you on day trips to avoid disappointment.
  • Thank you in Balinese is ‘Sukseme’, pronounced ‘sook-sa-mar’. This was pretty much the only thing I was able to pick up but I felt it was definitely appreciated by the locals.
Planning a trip to Bali but not sure where to start? Here's my 3 week itinerary for Bali, perfect for first timers.
Quick bike selfie!

How to spend 3 weeks in Bali

2 nights in Seminyak

Seminyak is a great place to start your 3 weeks in Bali as it’s close to the airport making it a quick journey to your accommodation no matter what time you land. This town is a popular place and it’s bustling streets, boutique shops and great nightlife will be sure to put you in the holiday mood right away. The roads are lined with gorgeous boutiques, spas and some great restaurants It’s also close to some gorgeous black sand beaches which are great for both surfing and grabbing a cold Bintang on one of the many beachside bars. I also move the amalgamation of the modern shops with the traditional Balinese buildings here, too.

You can read my full guide to Seminyak here, but here are the top things I recommend checking out:

  • Relax on the colourful beanbags on Double Six Beach and watch the sunset
  • Indulge in a slice of luxury and have a drink at the famous Ku De Ta
  • Find some great items of clothing in the boutiques
  • Try your hand at haggling at the Flea Market


Where to stay in Seminyak

I stayed at the perfectly located GrandMas Plus Hotel in Seminyak and I can’t fault it. It’s in the heart of Seminyak surrounded by shops and restaurants and is just a couple of minutes walk from Seminyak Beach. It’s compact, clean, modern and really affordable. You can read my review here and search below to check availability.

3 nights in Canggu

Canggu is the new area to go to and I loved it here. It’s full of colour, street art, great food and beautiful beaches. I was speaking to a local and was told that 5 years ago no tourists were visiting, but now it’s rapidly expanding, so get there before it gets too crazy! It’s just an hour or so north of Seminyak but has a more chilled out feel making it a great place to relax. Here you will find all sorts of food from the delicious local dishes from warungs, to burgers, Italian and vegan-friendly smoothie bowls. It’s fast becoming known as a bit of a hipster area but it’s certainly not pretentious! I actually visited Canggu twice since my plans changed and I didn’t go to the Gili Islands because I loved it so much and there’s plenty to see and do.

Check out my full guide to Canggu here where you can read more about my must-see things there:

  • Have a rummage through the Love Anchor market for some souvenirs
  • Chill out at Old Mans
  • Search for street art
  • Visit Tanah Lot Temple, one of the most important temples in Bali
  • Chill out or learn to surf at Echo Beach or Batu Belong Beach
  • Rent a motorbike and head out of the main area to explore the rice fields

Where to stay in Canggu


I stayed a stone’s throw from Batu Belong beach at the beautiful Aston Canggu Beach Resort. This hotel is the perfect place to stay if you want to really relax and indulge. The hotel is the only one in Canggu with a rooftop pool and what’s more is it overlooks Batu Belong Beach which is an amazing spot to be at for sunset! The breakfast is delicious and the sports bar on the ground floor serves up a mix of western and Asian foods. Check out my full review here.


If you’re travelling on a budget and looking for a great place to stay then check out Nudel Beachside Room. Despite its name, it’s a little out of town but is super comfortable, nice and quiet and the wifi is decent. We opted to have breakfast included as well for ease which is a handy option to have. They also have motorbikes for you to hire making it super easy to get around.

4 nights in Ubud

Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali and no trip to Bali should be without a visit. It’s where you find the lush green forests, the tumbling rice terraces, monkeys, temples, waterfalls- you name it, it’s here. I actually could have happily spent longer here as there are loads to do and it’s a great base to explore some other areas around Ubud. There are loads of tours that run both north and south of Ubud so if you have particular places that you really want to see then this is an easy way to get to them.

You can read my full guide to visiting Ubud here, but here are some of my highlights:

  • Visit the famous Tegallalang rice forest at sunrise
  • Do the Mt Batur sunrise trek. This is one of the most popular treks to do in Bali and it’s not as difficult as it sounds, even when you’re having to hike in the dark!
  • Go shopping at the Ubud Art Market
  • Visit some of the most beautiful temples in Bali
  • Go on a waterfall hunt
  • Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in the heart of Ubud
  • Walk the Campuhan Ridge walk

Where to stay in Ubud


If you’re looking to experience the beautiful rice fields of Bali and get away from the crowds and hustle and bustle, then you have to book a stay at Pajar House Villas. These beautiful suites are literally in the middle of a rice field, away from the main road and it’s pure bliss. The rooms are large, really comfy and the bathrooms have a beautiful waterfall shower adding in that extra bit of luxury. There’s also a beautiful infinity pool to cool off in. It’s located a 15 minutes drive from the centre of Ubud and they operate a free hourly shuttle going too and from all day.


If you want to stay in the heart of Ubud and are travelling on a budget then the Gusti Kalar Homestay is the perfect spot. It’s located halfway down one of the quieter side roads off of the main streets of Ubud making it a quiet place to relax whilst still being in the thick of things. It’s simple but comfy and super pretty.

1 night in Sanur

Sanur is the gateway to the nearby islands with lots of boats running to both the Nusa and Gilli Islands. It’a  small seaside town and is pretty sleepy compared to nearby Seminyak and Kuta. It has some history and culture to explore, as well as shops and a nice beach with small waves if you want to swim.

Things to do in Sanur

I mostly chilled out on the beach and promenade here but the Crazy Tourist has a great guide of more of the things to see and do in Sanur here.

Where to stay in Sanur

If you want to be close to the ferry area to be able to catch the boats to the islands and to chill out on the sand then the brilliantly named Agung and Sue Watering Hole homestay is in a great location. It’s just a couple of minutes walk away from the beach where the ferries leave from and it also has a great restaurant out the front.

2 nights on Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan

It takes less than an hour on a fast ferry to get from Sanur to Mushroom Beach on Nusa Lembongan and from this island, you can cross its famous yellow bridge to hop over to Nusa Ceningan. These two places offer a little insight into Balinese life and are far quieter than Bali but I love them. If you like to travel slow and relax for a bit then a couple of nights here is a must.

Take a look at my Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan guide here to find out more, but here are some of my favourite things to do:

  • Visit the spectacular Devil’s Tear during the day and at sunset
  • Relax at some of Nusa Lembongan’s beautiful beaches such as Dream Beach, Jungut Batu Beach and Mushroom Beach
  • Cross the famous yellow bridge
  • Admire the ocean from the Blue Lagoon on Nusa Ceningan
  • Chill out at any of the cute and colourful beachfront bars on Nuse Ceningan

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Where to stay on Nusa Lembongan

The main area of Nusa Lembongan is close to Mushroom Beach where you will find loads of restaurants, warungs, cafes and bars as well as shops and tour operators. I stayed at Soka Homestay which sits down a quiet road from the main street. The rooms are clean and modern and the owners are incredibly helpful. They also have a warung next door which serves the most delicious breakfasts.

Planning a trip to Bali but not sure where to start? Here's my 3 week itinerary for Bali, perfect for first timers.
Soka homestay

3 nights on Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest of the Nusa islands so 3 nights here are easy to fill. This island is becoming increasingly popular due to its stunning beaches, dramatic coastlines and wildlife. it’s just a short boat ride from the Yellow Bridge on Nusa Lembongan where you can catch a small public boat across. The only tricky thing about Nusa Penida is that the roads to many of the attractions are not paved and to say they are pot-holed is a huge understatement. Many people do manage to get around Nusa Penida by motorbike but I would highly recommend hiring a driver with a car to see the spots. Tom and I hired a bike for one day and struggled so much it got to the point we weren’t enjoying it so the following day we went by car and it was far, far more relaxing. The bad roads also mean your sightseeing will take longer than you might think so it’s a good idea to spread the places you want to see over the few days you are there.

Read my full guide to Nusa Penida here and see some of the highlights below:

  • Visit Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong
  • Check out the ‘t-rex’ at Kelingking beach and walk down the stairs if you’re feeling energetic
  • Watch the sunset over Crystal Bay
  • Take a snorkelling tour to swim with Manta Rays
  • Visit the incredible Peguyangan Waterfall which is actually an amazing temple under a cliff

Where to stay on Nusa Penida

I stayed at Nusa Penida Homestay which was in a quiet location a short walk from the beach. The room was spacious and comfortable and on the way to the beach there are a number of restaurants and warungs. The owners were also incredibly helpful and got us in touch with a driver to take us around too.

2 nights in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is on the Bukit peninsula towards the south of Bali and covers a long strip on its east coast. It’s mostly famous for its luxurious resorts where tourists flock to but there are also some great places to visit and eat at.

Things to do in Nusa Dua:

  • Find the abandoned plane
  • Try your hand at some watersports
  • Visit the cultural park and amphitheater
  • Visit some of the areas beautiful temples such as Pura Geger and Pura Mendala
  • Eat at Warung Beten Kelor for the best local food

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Where to stay in Nusa Dua

I stayed right on the main road in Sari Room Bed & Breakfast which was perfect for exploring the area and to be close to restaurants and the beach. Breakfast was included and they had a good number of options to chose from.

2 nights in Uluwatu

On the western side of the Bukit peninsula, you’ll find Uluwatu. This area is spread out and instead of there being a main street, you’ll find smaller areas to pick out and explore. Uluwatu is a haven for surfers with its unsheltered beaches throwing up some decent waves. If you want to chill at the beaches, like I did, Uluwatu is the perfect spot.

Things to do in Uluwatu:

  • Walk through a mini Santorini to reach Bingin Beach
  • Watch the monkeys on Padang Padang Beach
  • Visit Uluwatu temple

Where to stay in Uluwatu

As Uluwatu is a spread-out region of Bali, deciding where you want to stay will depend on whether you have somewhere specific you want to visit. Saying that, it’s an easy area to get around my motorbike and visit the main attractions. I stayed at the Made Roejas Homestay which was comfortable and has a fun colourful warung at the front. There is also an awesome restaurant right opposite doing great lunch and dinner deals as well as live music and movies.

1 night Legian

The Kuta/Legian area is definitely the most touristy area on this 3 week Bali itinerary but don’t let that put you off. It’s the place to haggle like crazy at the stalls lining the streets, grab a final cocktail or Bintang at one of the many happy hours and take a walk along the beach. I stayed in Legian but both areas are also close to the airport meaning you’ll have a panic free and quick ride through the Bali traffic to catch your flight.

Things to do in Legian

  • Chill out on the beach
  • Nab a bargain at the market stalls
  • Release baby sea turtles with the Bali Sea Turtle Society who focus on rescuing, preserving and education around these beautiful animals.

Where to stay in Legian

For your last night in Bali, I would highly recommend staying at the GrandMas Plus Hotel Legian. Like their Seminyak hotel, the rooms are modern, minimalistic, really comfortable and the hotel is in a great location. The hotel is decorated in a beautiful rainforest theme and the central restaurant serves delicious breakfast. Their spa (Rehat) is also amazing and having a massage before your flight is the perfect way to end your 3 weeks in Bali. Check out my full review here.


Short on time and looking for a Bali itinerary for 2 weeks?

Don’t worry! You can still see plenty in that time. Here’s what I would recommend for your Bali 2 week itinerary:

  • 2 nights in Seminyak
  • 2 nights in Canggu
  • 3 nights in Ubud
  • 4 nights on the Nusa islands
  • 2 nights in Uluwatu
  • 1 night in Nusa Dua

Phew! So there you have it! I had the most incredible 3 weeks in Bali so I hope this Bali itinerary helps you plan your ultimate trip too. Don’t forget to drop me a comment below and let me know what you’re looking forward to the most!

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  • Zoltan Andorko

    Hello Guys,
    We are travelling to Bali from The UK for 22 days at Christmas. We are glad to read your blog, it help us to make our own Bali itinerary. We have seven destinations to visit.
    1. Canggu
    2. Nusa Penida
    3. Nusa Dua
    4. Gili Islands
    5. Lombok
    6. Kuta (Bali)
    7. Amed

    Would you recommend any change of it?

    We are going to use private driver/taxi or public transport to get around in Bali.
    Should We arrange the private drivers in advance?

    What about the vaccines and pills? I read they are highly recommended especially Hepatitis A, Thypod, Tetanus and pills agains Malaria.

    Did you take your own bank card or did you use Transferwise or Revoult cards plus cash?

    Thank you,
    Zoltan 🙂

  • Sarah McClatchey

    Loved this blog! I will also be heading to bali for 3 weeks at the end of August. Of course I am hoping to visit the Gilli Islands – so I wanted to ask, what would you take out of this itinerary in order to fit in time at the Gilli islands?

    • Laura - Escapes Etc

      Ah thanks Sarah! I would perhaps take a little bit of time off of the Nusa islands and maybe miss out on Legian unless you really want to grab some souvenirs as it’s pretty touristy. Hope you have a fantastic time!

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