Looking for amazing inspiration to get your travel loving lover? Look no further than here for great inspiration.

Amazing Valentine’s Travel Gifts for the Low Key Romantics

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So another year has gone by and that day is nearly here again – Valentine’s day *VOM*. Let me guess though – you’re like me and haven’t sorted out a damn thing to get your partner/bestie yet and time is ticking away faster than those days you spend binge-watching Netflix series.

Fear not – I’M HERE TO HELP!

Now, some people get very into this day and can’t wait to find the most romantic gifts and surprises for their loved ones. But if you’re like me and prefer to see it just as a day to enjoy giving a meaningful gift then I’ve got the perfect list of ideas for you. Oh yeah, and of course they are PERFECT for travel lovers!

Just a quick FYI – this post may contain affiliate links whereby I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase through them. Thank you in advance for supporting Escapes Etc and the running of the site!


Travel Themed Gifts For The Coupley-Couples


Custom anniversary luggage tags

Ok, so pretty cheesy but you can’t deny they’re also pretty cute right? And let’s be slightly practical about things here – you’re going to be able to find your luggage way easier with these!

Matching half and half phone cases

Another cheesy one but how perfect is this for you and your bestie or you and your partner right?

Joint memory book

Looking for a way to record your travels together? Then this beautiful scrapbook is perfect for you! Oh, and it’s pretty handy with a place to store your phone and bank cards too- perfect for when you’re on the go!

The ultimate destination guidebook for couples

When did National Geographic ever go wrong? This guidebook offers some amazing hidden gems to explore for all you intrepid couples out there. It covers destinations from all 7 continents so you’re bound to find your next dream escape in this.

Travel Themed Gifts For Her


Cute comfy travel pillow

Perfect for those long flights, overnight buses or when you’re beyond tired, this cute travel pillow is sure to make any situation that little bit more snuggly.

Heart shaped headphone splitter

A bit cheesy but kind of useful? Especially if you’re planning on wasting some more days watching Netflix until your eyes turn square. If you’re looking for inspiration about what to listen, check out my post here about some amazing podcasts!

Map themed travel flask

If reducing the amount of plastic you use when travelling is important to your loved one then a reusable flask is perfect. This one is perfect for travel lovers and is also leak proof so the rest of your stuff won’t get ruined.

Travel Themed Gifts For Him

Travel wash bag

This gift is always super handy and a really stylish one is sure to go down a treat. This one is a great size and the sturdy shape is great for protecting toiletries in a suitcase.

A cheesy pillowcase

To be perfectly honest here, I just thought this was kinda funny. But in the same breath, having your own pillowcase is always super handy to travel with so…

The old favourite scratch map

They may have been done to death, but you really can’t go wrong with a scratch map. It’s a fun way to mark off places they’ve already been to and a great way for you to drop hints about where you want to tick off next!

Travel Themed Gifts For Him OR Her

Ok, so moving away from any of the mushy type gifts, these ones are perfect for pretty much any travel lover. They’re more practical but don’t worry, they’re not so practical they’re boring!

Camera strap

Available in a range of patterns to suit everyone, colours and also fabrics, these camera straps are great for photography lovers. I’ve got my eyes on one of the soft fabric ones *cough cough hint hint*.

The best passport holder

When is a passport holder more than a passport holder? How about when it has room for a power bank, your phone, cable storage as well as your passport! Yep, this nifty little item is an all-in-one solution to having to carry your stuff through airports.

Water resistant laptop sleeve

So although water spillages won’t be an issue with your new flask, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your gadgets. These laptop sleeves are not only super sleek but are also water resistant. Pretty perfect!

So there you have it! Some useful (and not so useful) gift ideas for your travel-loving lovers. Let me know if you have any more great ideas too!



Looking for amazing inspiration to get your travel loving lover? Look no further than here for great inspiration! #valentine's #travelgifts

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