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  • I am completely addicted to podcasts right now. Whether you want a good comedy, to feel inspired, to learn something or just to get absorbed into a good story, there's a podcast for you. Click through to find out 12 of my favourite!

    12 podcasts you absolutely have to listen to

    I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and to be honest I think it’s turned into an addiction. Instead of spending my time on the train to work scrolling through Instagram or aimlessly staring out the window, I’m…

  • When I went backpacking round the world I decided to keep a travel diary. It was the hard but I am so glad I did it. It was a brilliant way to store my thoughts, feelings and what I was up to, and not today I have all these memories to hand. If you're going travelling, make you sure you keep one too!

    The beauty of keeping a travel diary

    Before I went travelling I had never kept a diary in my life. Believe me, I had tried. I wanted to be one of those girls like many of my friends at school who wrote the thoughts and meanderings down…